【Made in Japan】40pcs Premium DT Mask Individual Package)【50 Boxes Set 】

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100% Made in Japan 3 Ply non-woven Masks

VFE, PFE & BFE all passes 99% filtration test by Kaken Lab(see appendix A)

Medical Grade Melt-Brown is used

Cleanroom Environment One machine from making to packing in less than 3 second with the least air contamination

Super Soft non-woven is used for sensitive skins

Special Ear-loop Material is used for long time usage with no pain Individual Packaging for easy carry and sanitized purpose

Comes with 3 different Sizes,

L size 175cmx95cm M size 160cmx95cm S size 145cmx95cm

Recognized by Japan Hygiene Products Industry Association

About Factory

Located at Asia One Center, as known as former P&G Building, in Rokko Island, Kobe, Japan,

The state-of-art high speed mask making with packing all-in-one machine

800 square meter cleanroom available

Max Speed up to 1000 Pieces / Minutes

Max Output 20 Millions Pieces per month